Friday, April 26, 2013

36 Weeks....My "Go" Bag aka Hospital Bag & Group Strep B

I feel like a super top secret spy woman when discussing my "go" bag - otherwise known as my hospital bag.  I went shopping a couple weeks ago and I think I have a good handle on it all.  However I need to get some different sizes in the nursing gear I bought - I need a Large instead of a Mediums that I bought.  I think it's best to be comfortable.  

So experts suggest packing a Hospital Bag at 36 weeks.  I guess I am right on target.  However, I need to actually pack the bag now.  Stop talking about it, and do it already.  I think it's the last thing that makes everything final.  I think subconsciously, my hold off is if it's not packed yet... then nothing will happen early. Faulty logic, I know but one can dream.  It's not that I am not ready to bring this little lady home, but delivery has been sort of freaking me out a little.  There are so many factors up in the air - labor is hard to imagine.  I am sort of a hospital wuss too.  I hate needles and blood, but I guess when I am in the moment I do fine... somehow muster up the courage needed.  I don't have a birth plan - because frankly I think it's a bit um how do you say... obsessive?!?  This is my first baby, my only goals are to have a healthy baby and healthy mommy.  I don't want to have some plan in place and be disappointed if things change or concerned that we are not following my plan of action.  I'm not the expert - I am as read on the subject as I can be, and I put my trust in my doctor's to help us make the right decisions needed for a healthy, happy, and safe birth.  

That being said, yesterday I was a bit bummed.  I got a call from my Doctor that I am in fact Positive for Group Strep B.  Which I know there is nothing that I need to do some women have it others don't.  I just think it's the way in which I read and was told about it - I guess if 30% of women have it ... it's not totally uncommon - in my head I just thought I wouldn't.  Knowing know I have to be given antibiotic's during labor doesn't really give me a warm fuzzy feeling.  I shouldn't really over react that  - I just was thinking that I wouldn't have a positive test result.  Bah - oh well.  

Here is the link for the  facts on Step B: group b strep infection

What I still need for my Bag- 

Nursing tops that fit. 
Wash all my new pj's 
Put my (and the husbands) items in the bag 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Family & Delivery Room

Many Many people have asked me, what is your plan for the delivery and having visitors?

I have asked around to a lot of friends and done a lot of research.  I think our plan is to have our parents/family come when we are in the recovery room.  Since nobody can predict how long labor can take - there isn't any point to have family/friends watching the clock waiting in a room down the hall. I also don't want there to be any distraction knowing they are out there either.   

According to many women I have talked to and the articles I have read -  post delivery time is so important for bonding "Kangaroo" (skin to skin) contact and trying to nurse if the baby Mommy aren't to tired.  I think it'd be hard if we know family was "waiting" in another room... it can be an unnecessary distraction.  Most my friends only had visitors in the recovery room and it wasn't right away.  They have even warned us at the hospital that the nurse may be quite busy so if you need help getting breastfeeding going  - to try on your own since the nurse may not be readily available.  

I have had friends who's family was eagerly texting during there bonding time - wanting to know when they can come in.  It's just a distraction I'd rather we not have to deal with, since we are going to have a lot of new things in that short amount of time to process.  Besides, this is really the time for the "new family" to get to know each other.  I have spoke to friends who say they really wanted to shower after and have a lil down time before having visitors. I can see where they are coming from too so many changes all at once.  

We are blessed that our family lives very close. They can camp out at home, and come as soon as we give word when we are settled in the recovery room or if we were to change our mind or have something come up.  

Writting this post made me realize I need to get working on packing my "go" bag.  

Belly Photo Props: Vanessa Knits Etsy Review

Looking for a Unique way to announce a pregnancy? 

How about a useful way to wrap a baby shower present? 
(I cringe at how the pretty decorations just get tossed off a present that so much time and care went to into buying & wrapping)

This is the sweetest pink handmade bow belt, great for photos! 
Prefect for a Gender Reveal Party!

Check out VanessaKnits on Etsy!  

Look how cute her other items are: 

Something Pretty for Mommy.... Mother's Day is right around the corner!

I really love promoting handmade artists.  It's nice to know that something was made with love and care.  Ordering from Etsy is easy, so don't let that be a hurdle.  Shipment arrived in great condition just as pictured - prefect for gifting!

Here is a bit more information on Vanessa Knits:

My obsession with yarn started when my grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was a child.Years later, I wanted to learn how to knit. This time it was my mother who taught me. 

All of my items are made by hand, by me in a smoke-free home. What you see is what you get -- all items are ready to ship and the items photographed in my listings are those you will receive on your doorstep.

What good is a skill if you don't use it to help others? 

The excess yarn from making these creations is used to make donated blankets for the animals at the New Rochelle Humane Society (where our cat Sebastian is from). Additionally, 10% of the selling price of any pet item is donated to the Larchmont Pet Rescue (where pup Stella is from). 

I also knit cotton hats for the preemies at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital in New York City. 

Artists Giving Back - Love it.  Isn't nice to feel good about a purchase!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Shower Fun... back to reality

My Baby Shower was a success this weekend.  The Hubs and I received so very many cute things, and much needed things.  I have a list now of items that we need to get before the baby gets here.  

I didn't register for a lot of clothes so I need to pick up just a few newborn items and a couple 0-3 month items.  I asked a friend how many "outfits" were necessary and she suggested about 10 in each size of the smaller sizes (newborn, and 0-3) - which makes sense to me.  

We also need the car seat protector - this being one of the most urgent items.  I think we will both feel better when that's in the car and we can check with the Firehouse that we have it installed properly. 

Monday I stayed home from work to go through all my new goodies.  I'm glad I did because it's really overwhelming to at first have all the gifts out. Living in a condo- clutter is very stressful for us, so I wanted to devote sometime to work on it.   I worked from 10am till about 6 at night unpacking gifts.  I still have a couple more loads of baby laundry to do too until I have it all done.  It's so fun to look at all the cute outfits.  The nursery is nicely coming together too.  I can't wait to post a pic of the final product.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Showers Bring May.... Babies!

This weekend is my baby shower!  It's being hosted by my Mother and Mother-In Law... and I am really looking forward to it!  I'm happy with my registry and so far there have been a few glitches - but nothing major.  I choose to register at Buy Buy Baby & Target.  I have to say I found the registration process at Buy Buy Baby a bit easier at least on the Mom to be.  Buy Buy Baby makes it so easy to return and their sales staff is more easily accessible than Target.   Living in Chicago all the Target locations around me are total madhouses and it's often frustrating to even find parking.  Just a matter of preference and location I guess.  

Primping for the party.... I have a hair cut today and I was going to dye my hair too.  The more I think about the hair dye though I am going to pass.  I have gone 8 months with out it, 1 more month isn't going to make a huge difference and then I'll have to worry about maintenance after the lil' baby arrives.  I also have had reactions to hair dye in the past, I would just hate it if something happened.  I am going to try and squeeze in a manicure this weekend - although that may be more of a wish than reality.  Since there is some family coming in, we have a party the day before the shower too - craziness!!  I also ordered about 5 dresses that will be waiting for me from target when I get home tonight to try on.  I have a backup outfit planned out just in-case (pants and a silk top).  I wanted to wear a dress but I didn't really find any in a store that were particularly flattering. It's really annoying that most maternity is offered online only.  So, we shall see what works.  

I am super excited to get things set up in the nursery, and have the vision start coming together.  Since, by nature I am a visual learner and it's hard to imagine how things will look until I can see them.  I am excited to get the bedding set up and start decorating.  I have been holding off getting lots of things to see what I will get at the shower first.  Some of my friends have asked me what I am most excited to receive - I'm just happy to get everything.  It's all feeling like it's coming together easily and quickly now.  

On a side note: I have made some adjustments in my decorating scheme - the frugal part of me took over and I just could not spend $200.00 on a set of mirrors... but I think I found something just as nice.  I will post a "grand reveal" hopefully sometime next week.

I keep saying that the last 2 months have flown past.  I feel like I only really started to look pregnant.  My plan was 

It's also really exciting to feel these big movements that I can feel now.  I always described that movement in the past as "popping bubbles" now  - it's like I feel an elbow jabbing me!  It's really fun - and exhausting.  

My body is starting to feel really tired and putting on shoes has become a hilarious spectacle to watch.  I just hope to get some sleep each night which has also been somewhat of an issue.  

Here is looking forward to the WEEKEND!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013


I have major congestion. I noticed it creeping up on me a couple days ago.  I have been mouth breathing and generally uncomfortable.  Although the mouth breathing is so annoying - the sides of my lips have been cracking since it's also so cold out still too!  Today I have a headache, my cheeks are swollen - and of course totally congested!  

I have been told I have an "allergenic nose" by my ENT Dr.  Which  means I am prone to sinus infections.  I was tested about 2 years ago by an allergist and told I have a grass allergy (rag weed & 1 other I am forgetting) - well GRASS never really bothered me until this spring!

Grass pollen is typically the main cause of late spring and early summer allergies. Grass pollen is highest at these times. (

I'm in misery!  It doesn't help that I am getting no sleep and finding it hard to breathe with out these sinus issues.  I have a list of approved med's and plan to use the saline nasal spray a lot this weekend.  Having a sinus infection though - makes me feel so lethargic... totally zaps my energy!  Maybe it's a trend my husband was sick on his birthday and it's looks like I'll be a little under the weather this weekend too.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Etsy Product Review: Handmade Headbands Sweet Pea Bloomz

Head over to Sweet Pea Bloomz there are so many cute things to choose from I guarantee you'll have a hard time just ordering one item!  

Looking for something special for your child's photo session?  How about a great gift for a little girl? Want your shower gift to stand out? - Use a headband instead of a gift-bow on top of the present (neat idea, & functional)!  

I can't wait till my little gal arrives to try out these headbands on her.  The material is super soft, and the attention to detail is astounding.  The pieces are visually stunning in person - so adorable!  I think these will be great in newborn photo shoot and for special occasions (baptism, flower girl, 1st birthday).   These are much prettier than anything I have seen in a store!

I love supporting hand made artists and her work is truly professional, and so so sweet.  Ordering from etsy is stress free and you'll be supporting a small business. Package came in great condition, and in a timely manner nicely wrapped.  There is a wide variety of products to choose from... all shapes, colors, and sizes - something for everyone!  I love that they have coupon codes too for all the other frugal Mom's out there.  Check out the link at the bottom of this post for the facebook information.  

Don't forget to like Facebook: Sweetpeabloomz

15% off your FIRST purchase and 10% off every purchase after that when you "like" our facebook page.

For your FIRST purchase use code FIFTEEN at checkout and any purchase after that use code Sweetpeabloomz