Friday, March 1, 2013

Prenatal Paperwork Organization

Since the Office will soon become the Nursery (well on its way in transformation) the struggle with getting organized is never ending.  The house is clean, but feels a little cluttered to me - I have paperwork galore!  Finding a new home for things - isn't easy.  

It seems like every time I turn around there is another pile of baby related paperwork... on top of your everyday mail - YIKES!  Each time I leave the Dr. they hand me a new pamphlet/bills/suggestion sheet, and every baby class we take we are given a work book… papers accumulate quickly. 

Life savers: File Folder & Laundry Basket

I keep an accordion folder in a laundry basket at the door to (soon to be)nursery.  Any baby gifts, postpartum products, and paperwork all kept in one spot.  I think this has saved me hours of searching - and helped prevent baby brain! 

It took about an hour to file everything I had at first, but it was SO worth it. Until the nursery is complete and we have a better handle on where we will store our other paperwork- this is what has worked for me.  I also find it helpful to take the 5mins or so each night, and go through the daily mail.  Once the mail piles up - I feel less proactive about going though each piece.  

I find myself thinking a lot about the nursery and I won't say I'm panicked - but I am quite certainly in "nesting" mode.  I am excited to pick paint colors, and really seem my vision come to life.  

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