Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Pregnant Style

30 Weeks

30 weeks

When I look at the pictures I don't think I look that big... or feel that big.  I am still wearing my same pre-pregnancy winter jacket.  I feel like some people still can't tell I'm pregnant without taking the winter coat off.  

It was a cold St. Pats day this year, but our party went off with out a hitch.  We have been hosting a party at our place for the past 8 years and a pregnancy wasn't going to stop us this year.  My husband made the corned beef, it turned out excellent - all 9 pounds of it!    I carried a huge water bottle to the Parade and it served me well.  I ate all the snacks too - I tried to watch portions but I am sure I over indulged at some point.  All in all a great holiday!

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