Monday, February 25, 2013

3rd Trimester!

The 3rd Trimester


I am certainly pregnant... looking.  For a while I thought I just looked a little pudgy rather then pregnant - there is no mistaking it now.  

I fully fill- in all the maternity clothes I own.  My winter jacket is also starting to resist zipping around my belly.  (my winter jacket was one I purchased prior to pregnancy when I was a heavier after first off the pill, and before the PCOS diagnosis which brought on a large weight gain) I still think with the winter jacket on, it may be hard for some to realize I am pregnant... which is the reason I am going with why nobody offers me their seat on the busy subway.   So glad that Spring is only a month away.  

Since this is my first pregnancy, in my opinion it took a while for me to finally start showing which I hear is quite common.  


I have since the start of pregnancy went up a Bra size in width not really cup size.  Painful and uncomfortable breasts were one of my very first pregnancy symptoms.  In reality all of these lingerie brands vary so greatly, who really knows.  What I do know is that soon after a positive pregnancy test, I needed to new larger bra's without under-wire.   I had only worn under-wire prior to pregnancy  and it took some getting used to - but totally worth it.  

Stretch Marks
I do have some dreaded Stretch Marks around my breasts, the only place knock on wood they have shown up - that is what bothers me the most so far of the physical changes.  I am hopeful after delivery they will lighten and become less noticeable.  

I also started sleeping in cotton tank tops with a built-in shelf bra at night to give the gals a little extra support.  I also apply coco butter twice a day to help keep things moisturized.

Hip Pain
OMG! My right hip hurts so bad.   I have always had some discomfort in my right hip, I did see a chiropractor a while back for the problem.   I am going to discuss with my Dr. on Friday at my checkup.  

I should really title that lack of sleeping.  Either I am having problems getting comfortable, falling asleep, weird dreams, or getting back to sleep.  I have tried everything.. reading, pregnancy pillow, music - nothing really helps.  If I do fall asleep it's only to be woken up to go to the bathroom, and then falling back to sleep is next to impossible for me.  I guess this is prepping me for when the baby arrives?

Yeah, Woot woot!  I am still in all my original shoes. I have had some problems with my feet swelling at night - but so far so good... and everything goes back to normal.  The only real problem I have is getting my shoes and socks on - that is what a loving devoted husband helps you with :).  

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  1. You look so cute! I think pregnant women look amazing beautiful during their pregnancy. I wish I looked like you do but for me when I was pregnant with my first child I was enduring some major back and spine problems. My prenatal chiropractor from made my pregnancy bearable. Keep looking pretty! :)