Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby Brain

Walgreen's Pill Organizer
Best $1.99 investment ... EVER!
Baby Brain

For a while, when first pregnant I was leaving the house forgetting to brush my teeth.  Maybe because I was so tired, or not feeling well... whatever the case that stage passed after I had to buy a travel tooth brush a couple times.  I am now in a good routine - and brushing my teeth doesn't seem so hard to remember anymore.  

Recently, for about two weeks straight I usually take my prenatal vitamin after dinner... but then I would question  - Did, I really take it? I could not remember!  I'd even make a grand gesture and announce to the world (read husband) "Look,  am taking my prenatal so when I ask in an hour... you can tell me I took it".  

It was was mess - just could not remember anything after I got home from work.  I even tried counting the vitamins left in the bottle, but since I could not remember the day I opened the bottle - it wasn't much of a help. I was having trouble remembering everything.  Then I thought about all the pill organization boxes I see on my Grandma's counter - and thought... "If it can work for her it can work for me".  

I don't know why I didn't get one of these sooner.  I has made such a difference for me.  I can stick in my purse, rather then carry the bottle around.  In the past if we were out for the night... I wouldn't take it until I got home.  Now, it's easy to travel with and gives me piece of mind.  So Helpful!

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