Monday, March 25, 2013

When the DUE DATE is near….

So I remember looking at an app on my phone with a baby countdown, and thinking it’s so far away.  How did time go by so fast?  Some days I am totally ready for this lil gal to make her debut – others I think I could use another month of preparation.  

Today feels like I could use another month of preparation, but who know's how I'll be feeling tomorrow. I guess this is what I can expect once or little girl is here - the time will just fly past.  

Things that are stressing me Out

So it's painted but empty.  We could have had a major crisis - however I think we are going to be okay.  the double dresser we ordered was over sold and the collection we choose is now in back order.  However, if i would not have called the store, I don't know if I would have heard from them.  See, the thing is they hold your order until it's entirety for delivery and I don't know if we'd ever have found out our crib & toddler rail was there without me calling.  It's annoying to have to deal with last minute issues when the ordering process should be smooth.  I also enjoy decorating - quite a bit.  My problem now though is that I am having a hard time envisioning everything.  I wish I could get the crib with the bedding set up and then work around that.  Pictures are great when it comes to decorating - but sometimes it's just not enough.  

There is always going to be times that are stressful, I get that.  Maybe it’s just being pregnant that I feel extra pressure and stress.  I just want everyone to be happy, healthy and most importantly considerate.  There are a lot of unknown’s floating around, just want everything to go smoothly.

Well my current situation is certainly unique – working for a VERY small family business many friends in the corporate world can’t relate.  I am blessed to be able to stay at home and plan to leave work on May 1 – which unlike the baby’s arrival seems very far away.  I have limited patience and my nerves are shot.  I can’t say I am going to miss work - since I am mostly at an office by myself most days.  

Bring the baby home
The hubs and I were sitting on the couch yesterday and we just happen to think – this is going to be one of the last Sundays of just you and me sitting on the couch together.  It’s exciting and scary all at the same time.  I will say though – I think that throughout this entire pregnancy we have been busy.  Every weekend is just something else going on.  It’s really amazing how the calendar fills up so quickly.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Product Review - The Original Cushy Door Closer

A common concern I hear among new Mother's is baby sleep issues. I really love The Cushy Closer Door Cushion product - it is so well made.  I have seen other similar products that are much thinner & lighter weight, the Cushy Closer is super Plush made from durable fabric material.  The Cushy Closer is quality that is made to last! I know quite a few Moms who could currently benefit from this.  It's such a fabulous idea!  I can't wait to actively put mine to use, when my little girl gets here!  I followed the directions and wiped the door area around the locking device and it works like a charm.  No sound at all entering or exiting the room.  

I really think this is helpful for those who are light sleepers in general.  I myself can get startled awake with the sound of a door clicking latch.  Also, in my condo during the spring &  summer months I love having the windows open.  However, it can sometimes create a cross breeze that causes our bedroom door to slam shut - it's actually really scary when it happens... the Cushy Closer would be prefect for those months.  With so many great uses - this is truly a gem!  Ordering from Etsy is so simple and easy.  The package arrived in great condition - the product ready for gifting right away!

Do you know a new Mom who could use one of these?

No More Noisy Doors! The Original Mom-Invented Cushy Closer; since 2007.

So nice supporting working Mom's here is a little Bio:
As two moms, with nine children between us, we've figured out a few things along the way; one of them being: We don't care how much noise a child can sleep through, there's something about the click of a doorknob or the rattling of a door that can break through even the deepest sleep.

The Cushy Closer Door Cushion:
-Allows quiet entry and exit while checking on sleeping children (without turning the knob/handle)
-Helps prevent children/adults from being accidentally locked in or out (bathrooms, bedrooms, house, etc.)
-Snug fit helps muffle door sounds (slamming, rattling, closing) while allowing the door to close completely and quietly
-Makes a unique yet practical baby shower gift 
Our Cushy Closer Door Cushions are handmade with quality materials, inside and out, and are designed to be long-lasting and hold their shape for a truly quiet door!

Proudly made in the USA!!!

Remember to visit them on:

and my favorite site: pinterest !

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Handmade Headbands: Etsy Product Review Stacey's Neat Knits

Indulge in a Handmade headband
Head to Etsy at: Stacey's Neat Knits!

Unruly hair?  

Is it a dry shampoo day? 

Beauty Night with the girls?  

Keep your Hair out of your face while working out...

Stacey's goodies are so so so cute!  

Stacey is a stay at home Mom and makes so many wonderful handmade treasures.  Her headbands are super comfortable and very stretchy.  They can be made to accommodate any size.  I also appreciate the variety of different colors.  

These would make a great addition to a hospital survival kit for a new Mom, a cute headband for a little girl, or simple function & fashion when you need your hair out of your face but still want to look cute. I love the design and they are so comfortable on!  

These would be fun to give as party favors for a Bachelorette party, or bring to a spa day.  Shipment was super fast and arrived in great condition.  

I highly suggest checking out her Etsy handmade shop: Staceys Neat Knits.  

Check out these other wonderful items!

This Puff Flower Bobby Pin is so adorable!  

I love her custom hand painted Beachy Day Baby Onesie !


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nursery Chair

Jamaica 2009
This past Sunday, my Husband and I had a realization - Motion Sickness is NOT in our heads.  It's a very REAL thing.  I have never dealt well with motion - but as I age it seems to get progressively worse.  

After an awful Honeymoon Boat in ride In 2009 ...we are timid to say the least when it comes to motion. While on our Honeymoon in Jamaica we took a glass bottom boat ride - from hell.  It was probably an hour ride that felt like FOREVER.  I was sick within minutes, and so was my husband.  I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was pure torture.  We passed smelling salts to one another to prevent throwing up as the crew instructed us to.  We drank about 5 glasses of ginger ale after exiting the boat, but we just didn't feel right the whole day.  

When we took our " Baby-Moon"  in December to Maui, I was determined to go whale watching.  I knew it was a once in a lifetime sort of thing and we had to make it work.  On our last trip to Maui the year before a hotel desk agent recommended  Bonine for motion sickness and ever since it's been our saving grace.  We just can't seem to find it in Chicago, but it does the trick trust me.  I was able to clear it with my Dr. and my husband and I had a successful whale watching adventure... on a boat!

This weekend we stopped at a couple baby stores and after sitting on a few gliders - we both felt sick and needed fresh air.  Motion Sickness Strikes again!  I did a little research and found that this is quiet common complaint for some new Mom's, wondering what to do.  

I want a chair for the nursery - just maybe not one that moves.  I read that as they get older taking them out of their space can signal wanting to stay awake and explore - so, that's not going to work.  I also can't believe how insanely expensive some gliders are- ouch!  I can't imagine spending almost the same about on a chair as I did the crib set.   This weekend we are planning a trip to Ikea... and I see an armchair and ottoman in our future 

Chair, SÃ¥gmyra gray, check




Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So totally Sleepy - The Countdown Continues

I have Baby Brain Bad!
I'm also slightly freaking out that everything is now happening so fast.

Yesterday, I stopped at the grocery store and tried to put away all the items in the freezer - most of which did NOT go in the  freezer.  I a also sleepy - always.  I wake up feeling pretty good on most days then after breakfast - I start to slow down.  By the end of the day I wonder how I made it.  At least I am starting to sleep a little better, I can't imagine having the sleep problems I had in the past.  I have only been able to remember a few of my dreams, but I have also been having some crazy dreams.  I wake up thinking - WOAH, what were those about?  I honestly can't believe that I have less than 9 weeks left - it's truly CRAZY.

Today I filled out all my hospital paperwork and just need to fax the papers, and I'll be all done.  So I can check that off my list tomorrow.  

This weekend I think I will focus on the hospital bag/nursery decor - it seems like a tall order... I hope the hospital bag will become close to ready at least.  I am having a hard time with the nursery, because I am such a visual person and the room is empty.  I know it sounds overboard  but I just want it to be perfect.  I have this vision in my head and I just want what I want.... basically.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Pregnant Style

30 Weeks

30 weeks

When I look at the pictures I don't think I look that big... or feel that big.  I am still wearing my same pre-pregnancy winter jacket.  I feel like some people still can't tell I'm pregnant without taking the winter coat off.  

It was a cold St. Pats day this year, but our party went off with out a hitch.  We have been hosting a party at our place for the past 8 years and a pregnancy wasn't going to stop us this year.  My husband made the corned beef, it turned out excellent - all 9 pounds of it!    I carried a huge water bottle to the Parade and it served me well.  I ate all the snacks too - I tried to watch portions but I am sure I over indulged at some point.  All in all a great holiday!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shh Baby Sleeping: Product Review My Baby Munchkin

Adorable handmade goodies:  

Blog Readers Special Discount: 
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(expires April 30th, 2013)

Door Muff by My Baby Munchkin

We all know how important sleep is for babies and new mom's alike.  This is such a great gadget that supports both Mom & baby.  I can sometimes can be startled awake by the sounds of the door opening & closing - a Door Jammer will take care of that problem. Door Jammers prevent startling a sleeping baby (toddler or adult) awake.  It also prevents the door from being locked.   I truly believe that every nursery cloud benefit from the use of  Door Jammers.  

The presentation is so pretty, who wouldn't love getting this treat in the mail?!?  

The attention to detail you get buying handmade products, never fails! (Etsy is super easy to order from - so don't let that stop you, if you have yet to make a purchase) Whatever you want to call it Baby Door Muff, Door Silencer, or Door Jammer this will make a great gift or order it for yourself. Even with so many styles to choose from if you do not see the style you are looking for, My Baby Munchkin will work to design a custom order with your choice of elastics!  That is the great thing about buying handmade - getting a product you truly love.  

Check out these other fabulous products:

Don't forget!
Blog Readers Special Discount: 
Enter coupon code "BLYTHEJAMMER" for 10% off on purchases $15 or more 
(expires April 30th, 2013)

Feeling Yucky

Today is not a great day for me.  I woke up with a headache... don't you hate it when that happens?!?   

I am no stranger to headaches and migraines. I used to take prescription migraine medicine they'd get so bad. I started getting migraines when I was in high-school, and have gotten them ever-since.  For me the best remedy is sleep, quiet, and darkness.   I feel that is the remedy a lot of people use too... oh and maybe an ice pack.  

I also feel sick to my stomach today.  I hate that feeling!  I'm not really hungry - but I ate hoping with would maybe help with the headache, no such luck.  I even turned all the lights off in my office - we do have a lot of sunlight today to it's not a problem.  Just counting down the hours till I can go home today.. at least it's not getting any worse or else then I'd leave.   

I also for the past week have been experiencing terrible acne.  This is my first time with pregnancy acne really, up until now if I had a zit it was super tiny and went away fast.  Now, my face is full of giant painful white heads on my chin and around my mouth.  

I'm thinking it's all hormones.   Not only does it not look pretty - the zits really hurt!  I have been trying to hard not to pick or touch my face - it's so hard though.  Not that I usually do unless for the weekends or a special after work event, I have been using zero makeup.  I hope that lack of makeup will allow the skin to breath and heal.  I just feel so awful about it, totally affects my self-esteem.    

Onesie Stickers – Heads up Girls Product Review

I am in Love with this Etsy Store!
Check out : Heads Up Girls

"BandB" for 30% any order over $20  - active for 2 weeks !!

The designs featured at Head Up Girls are so sweet - and not just for girls!  I have said it before and I’ll say it again Onesie Stickers make wonderful gifts!  I love creating special memories, especially with products that are handmade!  

For New Mom's out there - here  is a great gift idea.... frame all 12 months and give to the grandparents/godparents as a gift!

For those who are unaware, Onesie stickers are a small stickers that you apply to a Onesie or any other baby clothing you choose to denote a child's growing age each month or to mark first holidays.  Truly, a great idea!  

The shipment from Heads Up Girls arrived so quickly and in great shape.  If you have never ordered from it's easy and makes buying handmade goods a pleasurable experience.   

I love the packaging too – perfect for sending in the mail!  I am always looking for envelope gifts"... it can often be so hard to find something useful to send in a greeting card. These Onesie Stickers would make a perfect addition to a new baby greeting card.  The colors are so crisp and clear, the print quality professional nothing you could find in a big box store.  They are just so Cute!

I also love these other products!

Check out their 2 other shops:


and... don't forget to like on facebook & follow on Twitter!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

BIO OIL & Palmers Cocoa Butter for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks!  

Seriously, who needs 'em.  It's so frustrating to deal with too, because to some extent it's really out of your control.  I have some stretch marks from before pregnancy on my hips/inner thighs - but they were always a silver color. (When I was 13 I think I had the widest hips of anyone I knew) Anyways, one day in the second trimester I woke up to purple stretch marks on my breasts.  It isn't very bad - but I don't find it very pretty either.  So far that is the only place they have shown up, and fingers crossed no others appear.  

As I mentioned in another post, I read that support at night can really help.  So I went to Nordstrom Rack and bought 2 Extra Large (to accommodate my belly) tank tops with a built in shelf bra to sleep in.  Since the beginning of my pregnancy I have used Palmers Cocoa Butter on my butt, tummy, hips, and boobs in the morning and each night before sleep.  

Iwanted to try something else to see if I can get these marks to fade - I can't imagine it's going to get any better once my "milk comes in". Last week I had a few coupons to Ulta Beauty and decided to give Bio Oil a try.  The Bio Oil reviews on Ulta's Website were really positive - and I was able to get the 6.7oz size using my coupons for $7.62.  According to the website it's safe for pregnancy and I have used it every night for a week - and will continue to do so.  I like the way it smells and feels.  I only use at night because I feel like it takes time to absorb into the skin.  A little product goes a long way.  I will update this post once I have used it a bit longer and let everyone know how it's going.  I started using on 3/6/2013.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Product Review: Thank You Notes Delightful Daisy

Expressing Thanks!

With a new baby on the way, I have discovered that people do nice things for you all the time.  It's important to thank those that have encouraged and helped you through the entire 9 months, not just after the baby shower.  A Thank You card is a simple way to show appreciation for all their love and support during and after your pregnancy. 

Delightful Daisy has got you covered, with the sweetest Thank You Cards!  

You can purchase her beautiful handmade cards from etsy.  She has so many other fun handmade items to check out.   Her shop offers a wide variety of handmade coasters, birthday cards, and other great stationary.  If you have never ordered from etsy before, it's very simple and quick.  Delightful Daisy also includes tracking information in the shipping cost, sweet deal!

Here are examples of two very sweet Thank You Cards, prefect for Baby Girl...

Turtle and Bird
Product Information:
Cards measure 4.25"x 5.5" (A2 size) envelopes are included
Cards are printed on High Quality 110 lb. crisp white card stock
Blank Cards- prefect for adding your own message
Packaged in a clear cello bag tied with raffia
Minimum Order (8)
Crafted in a smoke Free Home
Turn around Time 1-2 days

I am very satisfied with the quality.  The cards are a nice weight, and crisp white!  The printing is stunning... very professional.  An added perk of working with a handmade artist,  is if there is something you envision but can't seem to find... Delightful Daisy will gladly work with you on a custom orders! Delightful Daisy has such truly unique designs, much different then what is offered in most stores currently!  

Happy Shopping!

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The Paper Shamrock: Onesie Sticker Product Review

Looking for a Unique Shower Gift, or a great way to document a child’s growth?

Onesie Stickers!

Aren't these simply adorable!
(Pictured Above) Flowers Monthly Onesie Stickers

I can't tell you how many showers I have attended, and guests go crazy over these!  Most of the older women comment - " I wish they had something like this when I had young kids".  Onesie Stickers are easily applied to a onesie each month to note the child's growing age.  It's a great way to create lasting memories!  Snap a picture of your little one each month, then email to relatives and friends or really dress up your facebook page.  It's a great way to stay in touch with family near & far.   Just think how fun it will be to look back on all the photo's.  

The stickers featured above are from The Paper Shamrock .  The package arrived very quickly, in great shape, and very reasonably priced at $9.00.  The packaging and presentation would make a great gift!  If you have never ordered off of Etsy before, trust me it's beyond easy.   Bundle these beautiful Onesie Stickers with a set of solid color Onesie's and Ta-Da you have a very thoughtful gift. This would be perfect gift for a coworker, neighbor, or teacher.... and a great addition to any baby shower gift bought off a store registry.  

I am truly impressed with the product quality at The Paper Shamrock  - true perfection!   The colors are bright & vivid- the design is unique, much cuter than anything you could ever buy at a big box store!  I love supporting handmade artists- and these stickers will not let you down.   I have already applied them to a couple Onesies - the stickers are super sticky with no curling at the edges - so easy to apply.  Get Ready to take some Pictures!     

The Paper Shamrock has designs for all, with many other products available. 
I highly recommend taking a look.   

Etsy Store: The Paper Shamrock

Products available:

Luggage Tags 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nursery Decor: Theme & Paint & Bedding

So, I am really into Home Decor.  I can't tell you how many hours I have spent on Pinterest looking at "Girl Nursery Themes".  I have finally decided on the theme Shabby Chic.  I was originally going to do a Ocean Theme - but I really didn't like anything out there.  I thought that the Shabby Chic my "grow" with her better too.  I am going to use the Ocean Theme in the kids bathroom - I think that will be fitting.

Check out my Pinterest page to get a better Idea of the look I am going for:
 Pinterest baby-girl-nursery-decor.
(3) Color Samples

At Home Depot. I really didn't care for the almost Aqua, and now it's my favorite.  It totally pays to get the $3.00 samples made - save your self a lot of heart ache.  I just don't think the pinks are doing it for me.  All I can see is cotton candy, it's too sickening sweet.  Who knows though, maybe once the bedding arrives I'll change my mind.   I like that the Mint gives off a fresh vibe though. It's funny, how you can really not like something... and it turns out to be your favorite... kinda of like a dress on a hanger - you never know unless you try it on.   The paint color all centers around the bedding I will be able to make a better decision once the bedding arrives on Friday - I can't wait to see it!  Below is the set I ordered.   

TARGET Shabby Chic Petite Paisley Collection

Feeling Hot Hot Hot- Literally!

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

I have always been a "cold" person.  I am the person who carries around a light sweater in the summer - I usually can't take the air conditioning system.  Until just recently, I was sleeping with socks on - which a lot of people think is weird.  I'll tell you why I sleep with socks on - and it will all make sense.  When I was a small child I was bitten on my right foot by a spider in bed and my foot became infected.  I can only really recall soaking my foot each day and having a lot of pain!  So, ever since the spider bite - I have slept in socks. Makes sense, right? 

Now, noway!  I am so hot at night (and in general) - it's unbelievable.  It's still pretty cold here in Chicago with a winter snow storm and I am sleeping in Summer Pj's and a sheet.  It's totally unlike me.  The feeling "warm" in pregnancy finally hit me.  At times when I am on the subway, I am just waiting for my stop because I feel like I am baking myself in all my winter gear.  I have even started turning on the air conditioning at work and it's 33 degrees outside! 

I have been drinking a lot of cold water, and that helps.  I also found that an ice pack on my neck or forehead if I can't sleep- makes all the difference in the world.  

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to announce a Pregnancy... my story

Announcing to Family (8 weeks):

We told our parents after our 8 week Ultrasound.  We tried to record their reactions, with our iphone... but with all the excitement - I'd say they turned out just okay.  We stopped at Ikea and bought white wood frames and framed an ultrasound picture for each set of parents-to-be.  We also told our Grandparents by showing them a picture of the 8 week ultra sound as well.  

Announcing to Friends (11 weeks):

Halloween 2012

Telling people your pregnant can be tricky.  I am also not a very good secret keeper, so I was eager to tell my friends and family.  Since I had a struggle with infertility, we decided to wait to announce the news till 11 weeks to our very close friends.  

We were originally trying to wait till 12 weeks, however all of our friends were getting together for a Halloween Party and the chance to tell everyone at once  - we couldn't pass up!  

I found these two costumes at and made my own Baby Penguin out of black & white felt that I safety pinned to the stomach of my costume.  We arrived at the party changed into our costumes, and after about 10 minutes someone finally asked if there was something we were trying to tell them all.  I thought it was a fun way to announce it, and everyone was over joyed for us.  We asked though that at that time, ppl. still not post about it on Facebook.

Announcing on FACEBOOK (20 weeks):

My friends and I have a joke - nothing is official till it's on facebook.  We decided to tell our social media friends at 20 weeks when we found out the gender.  

I had this pink ribbon on hand from a recent shower I attended and thought it was a really cute way to spread the word.  

Nursery Weekend Update #2


My Husband and I rented a cargo van from Home Depot. and moved out, our entire office.  Thankfully we don't have to rent storage space... we are storing our items in a relatives basement.  Huge savings, and we know our items are safe and sound.

With help from both sets of parents, the move took the entire day.  We were all packed up the night before and ready for our 9AM start.  Being overly organized really helped save us some time. 

I didn't do much but hold doors open, but was surprised at how smoothly everything went.  Moving is always stressful, but everything went off with out a hitch.  Now we are ready to start prepping and painting the room.  Now that the office is cleared out, I feel more more at ease... about being on the right track.  

Empty Room