Monday, March 11, 2013

BIO OIL & Palmers Cocoa Butter for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks!  

Seriously, who needs 'em.  It's so frustrating to deal with too, because to some extent it's really out of your control.  I have some stretch marks from before pregnancy on my hips/inner thighs - but they were always a silver color. (When I was 13 I think I had the widest hips of anyone I knew) Anyways, one day in the second trimester I woke up to purple stretch marks on my breasts.  It isn't very bad - but I don't find it very pretty either.  So far that is the only place they have shown up, and fingers crossed no others appear.  

As I mentioned in another post, I read that support at night can really help.  So I went to Nordstrom Rack and bought 2 Extra Large (to accommodate my belly) tank tops with a built in shelf bra to sleep in.  Since the beginning of my pregnancy I have used Palmers Cocoa Butter on my butt, tummy, hips, and boobs in the morning and each night before sleep.  

Iwanted to try something else to see if I can get these marks to fade - I can't imagine it's going to get any better once my "milk comes in". Last week I had a few coupons to Ulta Beauty and decided to give Bio Oil a try.  The Bio Oil reviews on Ulta's Website were really positive - and I was able to get the 6.7oz size using my coupons for $7.62.  According to the website it's safe for pregnancy and I have used it every night for a week - and will continue to do so.  I like the way it smells and feels.  I only use at night because I feel like it takes time to absorb into the skin.  A little product goes a long way.  I will update this post once I have used it a bit longer and let everyone know how it's going.  I started using on 3/6/2013.

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