Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nursery Decor: Theme & Paint & Bedding

So, I am really into Home Decor.  I can't tell you how many hours I have spent on Pinterest looking at "Girl Nursery Themes".  I have finally decided on the theme Shabby Chic.  I was originally going to do a Ocean Theme - but I really didn't like anything out there.  I thought that the Shabby Chic my "grow" with her better too.  I am going to use the Ocean Theme in the kids bathroom - I think that will be fitting.

Check out my Pinterest page to get a better Idea of the look I am going for:
 Pinterest baby-girl-nursery-decor.
(3) Color Samples

At Home Depot. I really didn't care for the almost Aqua, and now it's my favorite.  It totally pays to get the $3.00 samples made - save your self a lot of heart ache.  I just don't think the pinks are doing it for me.  All I can see is cotton candy, it's too sickening sweet.  Who knows though, maybe once the bedding arrives I'll change my mind.   I like that the Mint gives off a fresh vibe though. It's funny, how you can really not like something... and it turns out to be your favorite... kinda of like a dress on a hanger - you never know unless you try it on.   The paint color all centers around the bedding I will be able to make a better decision once the bedding arrives on Friday - I can't wait to see it!  Below is the set I ordered.   

TARGET Shabby Chic Petite Paisley Collection

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