Monday, March 25, 2013

When the DUE DATE is near….

So I remember looking at an app on my phone with a baby countdown, and thinking it’s so far away.  How did time go by so fast?  Some days I am totally ready for this lil gal to make her debut – others I think I could use another month of preparation.  

Today feels like I could use another month of preparation, but who know's how I'll be feeling tomorrow. I guess this is what I can expect once or little girl is here - the time will just fly past.  

Things that are stressing me Out

So it's painted but empty.  We could have had a major crisis - however I think we are going to be okay.  the double dresser we ordered was over sold and the collection we choose is now in back order.  However, if i would not have called the store, I don't know if I would have heard from them.  See, the thing is they hold your order until it's entirety for delivery and I don't know if we'd ever have found out our crib & toddler rail was there without me calling.  It's annoying to have to deal with last minute issues when the ordering process should be smooth.  I also enjoy decorating - quite a bit.  My problem now though is that I am having a hard time envisioning everything.  I wish I could get the crib with the bedding set up and then work around that.  Pictures are great when it comes to decorating - but sometimes it's just not enough.  

There is always going to be times that are stressful, I get that.  Maybe it’s just being pregnant that I feel extra pressure and stress.  I just want everyone to be happy, healthy and most importantly considerate.  There are a lot of unknown’s floating around, just want everything to go smoothly.

Well my current situation is certainly unique – working for a VERY small family business many friends in the corporate world can’t relate.  I am blessed to be able to stay at home and plan to leave work on May 1 – which unlike the baby’s arrival seems very far away.  I have limited patience and my nerves are shot.  I can’t say I am going to miss work - since I am mostly at an office by myself most days.  

Bring the baby home
The hubs and I were sitting on the couch yesterday and we just happen to think – this is going to be one of the last Sundays of just you and me sitting on the couch together.  It’s exciting and scary all at the same time.  I will say though – I think that throughout this entire pregnancy we have been busy.  Every weekend is just something else going on.  It’s really amazing how the calendar fills up so quickly.  

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