Monday, March 4, 2013

How to announce a Pregnancy... my story

Announcing to Family (8 weeks):

We told our parents after our 8 week Ultrasound.  We tried to record their reactions, with our iphone... but with all the excitement - I'd say they turned out just okay.  We stopped at Ikea and bought white wood frames and framed an ultrasound picture for each set of parents-to-be.  We also told our Grandparents by showing them a picture of the 8 week ultra sound as well.  

Announcing to Friends (11 weeks):

Halloween 2012

Telling people your pregnant can be tricky.  I am also not a very good secret keeper, so I was eager to tell my friends and family.  Since I had a struggle with infertility, we decided to wait to announce the news till 11 weeks to our very close friends.  

We were originally trying to wait till 12 weeks, however all of our friends were getting together for a Halloween Party and the chance to tell everyone at once  - we couldn't pass up!  

I found these two costumes at and made my own Baby Penguin out of black & white felt that I safety pinned to the stomach of my costume.  We arrived at the party changed into our costumes, and after about 10 minutes someone finally asked if there was something we were trying to tell them all.  I thought it was a fun way to announce it, and everyone was over joyed for us.  We asked though that at that time, ppl. still not post about it on Facebook.

Announcing on FACEBOOK (20 weeks):

My friends and I have a joke - nothing is official till it's on facebook.  We decided to tell our social media friends at 20 weeks when we found out the gender.  

I had this pink ribbon on hand from a recent shower I attended and thought it was a really cute way to spread the word.  

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