Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sleep deprived during Pregnancy - Prenatal Pillows

 Lack of Sleep

I can't imagine that I am not sleep deprived.  Each night I can manage to fall asleep, get somewhere comfortable with all my pillows - then the dreaded clock reads 2:45 and I toss and turn all night maybe getting another hour of sleep in segments.  I have woken up at 2:45ish for about the past two weeks.  Some nights when first waking up -  I feel a little rested, then I read the clock and the reality that it's the middle of the night sets in.  I am keeping my poor Husband up too!  I think anyone would be annoyed with all the tossing and turning and the mountains of pillows that have invaded the bed.  I will say though, this exhaustion is so different then that of the 1st Trimester.  During the 1st Trimester - I would sleep some night for 11 hours or more, and be able to fall asleep anywhere.  Now, that is not the case at all.  Don't get me wrong, I'm tired.... but sleep just ain't happenin' for me.   

I get up at around 2:45ish every night but it's not to pee - I'm just up.  Then the rest of the night my hips will hurt- I can't stay on one side very long.  With all the tossing and turning I then feel the need to pee every so often, hoping that I will then be able to fall asleep. 

I read in my "what to expect app" that taking a bath may help, and ever since I became so tired, I have been slacking about working out - which I have GOT to change... which can help with getting to sleep.  

About a month ago,  I began sleeping with the Boppy® Total Body Pillow.  I can fall asleep using this - but once I am up in the middle of the night - I just get frustrated with trying to re-position myself in the dark and trying not to wake my husband.  It's quite large and you'd think it takes up a lot of the bed - but it's not so bad when you are using it.    The size was my main concern when I first purchased the product.  There is a learning curve as the pillow can be used very many ways - trail and error as you decide what works for you.  If you was interested in the Boppy pillow check it out there boppy-total-body-pillow.

A very gracious friend sent me yesterday this SidePillow by Tempur-Pedic®.  I just tried it for the first time last night.  It is intended for side sleeping - which is how you should be resting when pregnant.  If you'd like more information check it out here: brookstone/tempurpedic-neck-pillows-side-pillow

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