Friday, February 22, 2013

Nursery Project Weekend #1

It seems only appropriate that since I am officially in my 3rd trimester we start the nursery for our little girl.  When my husband and I were engaged we were self-proclaimed “wedding slackers” – waiting more than 3 months to start planning – in terms of the nursery progress I think our “slacker” title may apply.   

We live in a high-rise condo in the heart of Chicago as a point of reference.  We are lucking enough to have a second bedroom which is currently our office – soon to be nursery.  I’ll admit we have done pretty much nothing in terms of prepping for the baby so far, other than gather boxes. 

This weekend we are planning on emptying out the linen closet in the master bedroom, moving necessary items from the office to the closet.  We have large boxes that we never look at - like my Wedding Dress, Christmas china that was a gift (never out of the box), Wedding china (also never opened), and an extra Christmas tree.  We are fortunate enough to have family that is willing to let us store our items till we one day have a single family home.  We know some couples that have had to rent storage space, I'm glad that we can manage... joys of city living I guess.  

I think that even though this may be seen as a small step… it’s in the right direction and the rest will follow.  I think sometimes a project can seem overwhelming until you scrape the surface.   

I am excited for your furniture to arrive; it was a huge decision for us… our first major purchase for the baby. 

Here is a pic of the set we choose:

Simmons Cider Hill Double Dresser and Crib

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