Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Paper Shamrock: Onesie Sticker Product Review

Looking for a Unique Shower Gift, or a great way to document a child’s growth?

Onesie Stickers!

Aren't these simply adorable!
(Pictured Above) Flowers Monthly Onesie Stickers

I can't tell you how many showers I have attended, and guests go crazy over these!  Most of the older women comment - " I wish they had something like this when I had young kids".  Onesie Stickers are easily applied to a onesie each month to note the child's growing age.  It's a great way to create lasting memories!  Snap a picture of your little one each month, then email to relatives and friends or really dress up your facebook page.  It's a great way to stay in touch with family near & far.   Just think how fun it will be to look back on all the photo's.  

The stickers featured above are from The Paper Shamrock .  The package arrived very quickly, in great shape, and very reasonably priced at $9.00.  The packaging and presentation would make a great gift!  If you have never ordered off of Etsy before, trust me it's beyond easy.   Bundle these beautiful Onesie Stickers with a set of solid color Onesie's and Ta-Da you have a very thoughtful gift. This would be perfect gift for a coworker, neighbor, or teacher.... and a great addition to any baby shower gift bought off a store registry.  

I am truly impressed with the product quality at The Paper Shamrock  - true perfection!   The colors are bright & vivid- the design is unique, much cuter than anything you could ever buy at a big box store!  I love supporting handmade artists- and these stickers will not let you down.   I have already applied them to a couple Onesies - the stickers are super sticky with no curling at the edges - so easy to apply.  Get Ready to take some Pictures!     

The Paper Shamrock has designs for all, with many other products available. 
I highly recommend taking a look.   

Etsy Store: The Paper Shamrock

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