Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What nobody tells you about being Pregnant: Nausea, you may lose weight at first.

Truthfully – I have yet to really feel good, and have to come to realize I probably won’t. 
At about 6 weeks into my pregnancy I felt sick to my stomach… to the point I could not eat.  I would feel okay in the morning and at lunch – but then every day at about 4:00ish the sick feeling would hit.  I’d struggle to eat dinner- my husband kept a watchful eye on me to make sure I’d eat something.  It was good practice for my husband in dealing with a toddler I guess, lots of “have one more bite” fights at the dinner table during that time.  

That sick feeling lasted about 8 – 10 weeks for me and I lost about 6 pounds total during that time.  Before my experience I had never heard of anyone losing weight, I can’t tell you how many times I goggled “weight loss in first trimester, normal?” it was for me.  My Dr. was never concerned and eventually the feeling passed.  My Dr. did prescribe BNEXA a prenatal vitamin to help; I didn't have much success with it, although I do know one other friend that did find it very helpful.   

How I coped with my Evening Sickness

I have always liked Milk – I know lots of adults outgrow their love for milk, but not me.  Throughout this entire time I have survived and thrived on Carnation Instant Breakfast Milk Chocolate.  I feel off if I don’t have it every morning and I thoroughly enjoy it.  When you don’t feel like eating this is what helped me get through.  I also ate my fair share of saltine crackers and peanut butter sandwich crackers.  I’m happy to report that in my 3rd trimester I am eating well and have only had a couple nights where I felt nausea.  

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