Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What nobody tells you about pregnancy: Maternity clothes shopping, isn’t as much fun as you though it would be

I had maternity clothes shopping envy when struggling with infertility.  Then after becoming pregnant I couldn't wait to shop the maternity section.  Unless you go to a specialty Maternity store – then my experience was better… most often you have maybe 3 racks in a department store to choose from.  I suggest when you have the pregnancy high in the beginning of pregnancy to do a lot of shopping then. 

Now that I am more the showing – trying things on requires so much energy and I‘d just rather avoid it.  Not to mention it’s the middle of winter in Chicago so walking around in stores with full winter gear on and your stomach the size of a basketball just isn’t fun for me.  However, on the days where I do need/want to look good I kick myself that I have no clothes that I like or want to wear. 

Before struggling with infertility I weighed an average of 130lbs. on my 5’4 frame – shopping was simple.  After different medication with PCOS my weight juggled at my heaviest 168lbs. – that is when I lost the desire to shop for clothes.  When I did achieve pregnancy I weighed 148lbs. and I was just starting to enjoy shopping again.   Things you should know about the way I shop - usually only sales, very frugal, and have a short attention span.  

Maternity Wardrobe Helpful hints:

Borrow – I had a generous cousin that lent me her maternity clothes.
Try everything on - trust me on this every store has a different pre-pregnancy size S-M-L, they all vary greatly.

Your size will change – many times. From everything is socks and Bra’s just being aware that what fits this month may not fit next month when you are purchasing a new item.

Shop the sale rack – even if you don’t love it, it’s just a couple months. 

Read return policies – most stores offer maternity online and require returns to mailed back.  I always look for free shipping both ways.

Keep the tag on till you wear it – receipt in the pocket.  I bought some things on sale that I wasn’t sure of, and put them in my closet… if in a couple weeks if they weren't worn, back to the store it went. 

Coupon hunt- there out there, they may not be easy to find but they do exist.  Sign up for store email lists that will alert you of sales and send you coupons.   I always Google the store name for coupon codes or in-store sales if I know I will be out shopping. 

Don’t shop hungry – makes the whole experience more annoying… and bring a water bottle.

My Favorite Maternity Clothes Stores:

Motherhood Maternity - I can't tell you now nice it is to fit into a MEDIUM across the board. - Free Shipping both ways and super cute clothes. They have great sales!

Old Navy - Always one of my favorite places - only draw back is sizing I find to be inconsistent.  

H& M - I have found a couple really great sale piece in the store.  Check foursquare for check in deals - I gotten really lucky with the best coupon a 30% off one item.  

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