Friday, April 26, 2013

36 Weeks....My "Go" Bag aka Hospital Bag & Group Strep B

I feel like a super top secret spy woman when discussing my "go" bag - otherwise known as my hospital bag.  I went shopping a couple weeks ago and I think I have a good handle on it all.  However I need to get some different sizes in the nursing gear I bought - I need a Large instead of a Mediums that I bought.  I think it's best to be comfortable.  

So experts suggest packing a Hospital Bag at 36 weeks.  I guess I am right on target.  However, I need to actually pack the bag now.  Stop talking about it, and do it already.  I think it's the last thing that makes everything final.  I think subconsciously, my hold off is if it's not packed yet... then nothing will happen early. Faulty logic, I know but one can dream.  It's not that I am not ready to bring this little lady home, but delivery has been sort of freaking me out a little.  There are so many factors up in the air - labor is hard to imagine.  I am sort of a hospital wuss too.  I hate needles and blood, but I guess when I am in the moment I do fine... somehow muster up the courage needed.  I don't have a birth plan - because frankly I think it's a bit um how do you say... obsessive?!?  This is my first baby, my only goals are to have a healthy baby and healthy mommy.  I don't want to have some plan in place and be disappointed if things change or concerned that we are not following my plan of action.  I'm not the expert - I am as read on the subject as I can be, and I put my trust in my doctor's to help us make the right decisions needed for a healthy, happy, and safe birth.  

That being said, yesterday I was a bit bummed.  I got a call from my Doctor that I am in fact Positive for Group Strep B.  Which I know there is nothing that I need to do some women have it others don't.  I just think it's the way in which I read and was told about it - I guess if 30% of women have it ... it's not totally uncommon - in my head I just thought I wouldn't.  Knowing know I have to be given antibiotic's during labor doesn't really give me a warm fuzzy feeling.  I shouldn't really over react that  - I just was thinking that I wouldn't have a positive test result.  Bah - oh well.  

Here is the link for the  facts on Step B: group b strep infection

What I still need for my Bag- 

Nursing tops that fit. 
Wash all my new pj's 
Put my (and the husbands) items in the bag 

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