Friday, April 5, 2013


I have major congestion. I noticed it creeping up on me a couple days ago.  I have been mouth breathing and generally uncomfortable.  Although the mouth breathing is so annoying - the sides of my lips have been cracking since it's also so cold out still too!  Today I have a headache, my cheeks are swollen - and of course totally congested!  

I have been told I have an "allergenic nose" by my ENT Dr.  Which  means I am prone to sinus infections.  I was tested about 2 years ago by an allergist and told I have a grass allergy (rag weed & 1 other I am forgetting) - well GRASS never really bothered me until this spring!

Grass pollen is typically the main cause of late spring and early summer allergies. Grass pollen is highest at these times. (

I'm in misery!  It doesn't help that I am getting no sleep and finding it hard to breathe with out these sinus issues.  I have a list of approved med's and plan to use the saline nasal spray a lot this weekend.  Having a sinus infection though - makes me feel so lethargic... totally zaps my energy!  Maybe it's a trend my husband was sick on his birthday and it's looks like I'll be a little under the weather this weekend too.

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