Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Showers Bring May.... Babies!

This weekend is my baby shower!  It's being hosted by my Mother and Mother-In Law... and I am really looking forward to it!  I'm happy with my registry and so far there have been a few glitches - but nothing major.  I choose to register at Buy Buy Baby & Target.  I have to say I found the registration process at Buy Buy Baby a bit easier at least on the Mom to be.  Buy Buy Baby makes it so easy to return and their sales staff is more easily accessible than Target.   Living in Chicago all the Target locations around me are total madhouses and it's often frustrating to even find parking.  Just a matter of preference and location I guess.  

Primping for the party.... I have a hair cut today and I was going to dye my hair too.  The more I think about the hair dye though I am going to pass.  I have gone 8 months with out it, 1 more month isn't going to make a huge difference and then I'll have to worry about maintenance after the lil' baby arrives.  I also have had reactions to hair dye in the past, I would just hate it if something happened.  I am going to try and squeeze in a manicure this weekend - although that may be more of a wish than reality.  Since there is some family coming in, we have a party the day before the shower too - craziness!!  I also ordered about 5 dresses that will be waiting for me from target when I get home tonight to try on.  I have a backup outfit planned out just in-case (pants and a silk top).  I wanted to wear a dress but I didn't really find any in a store that were particularly flattering. It's really annoying that most maternity is offered online only.  So, we shall see what works.  

I am super excited to get things set up in the nursery, and have the vision start coming together.  Since, by nature I am a visual learner and it's hard to imagine how things will look until I can see them.  I am excited to get the bedding set up and start decorating.  I have been holding off getting lots of things to see what I will get at the shower first.  Some of my friends have asked me what I am most excited to receive - I'm just happy to get everything.  It's all feeling like it's coming together easily and quickly now.  

On a side note: I have made some adjustments in my decorating scheme - the frugal part of me took over and I just could not spend $200.00 on a set of mirrors... but I think I found something just as nice.  I will post a "grand reveal" hopefully sometime next week.

I keep saying that the last 2 months have flown past.  I feel like I only really started to look pregnant.  My plan was 

It's also really exciting to feel these big movements that I can feel now.  I always described that movement in the past as "popping bubbles" now  - it's like I feel an elbow jabbing me!  It's really fun - and exhausting.  

My body is starting to feel really tired and putting on shoes has become a hilarious spectacle to watch.  I just hope to get some sleep each night which has also been somewhat of an issue.  

Here is looking forward to the WEEKEND!!!

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