Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Family & Delivery Room

Many Many people have asked me, what is your plan for the delivery and having visitors?

I have asked around to a lot of friends and done a lot of research.  I think our plan is to have our parents/family come when we are in the recovery room.  Since nobody can predict how long labor can take - there isn't any point to have family/friends watching the clock waiting in a room down the hall. I also don't want there to be any distraction knowing they are out there either.   

According to many women I have talked to and the articles I have read -  post delivery time is so important for bonding "Kangaroo" (skin to skin) contact and trying to nurse if the baby Mommy aren't to tired.  I think it'd be hard if we know family was "waiting" in another room... it can be an unnecessary distraction.  Most my friends only had visitors in the recovery room and it wasn't right away.  They have even warned us at the hospital that the nurse may be quite busy so if you need help getting breastfeeding going  - to try on your own since the nurse may not be readily available.  

I have had friends who's family was eagerly texting during there bonding time - wanting to know when they can come in.  It's just a distraction I'd rather we not have to deal with, since we are going to have a lot of new things in that short amount of time to process.  Besides, this is really the time for the "new family" to get to know each other.  I have spoke to friends who say they really wanted to shower after and have a lil down time before having visitors. I can see where they are coming from too so many changes all at once.  

We are blessed that our family lives very close. They can camp out at home, and come as soon as we give word when we are settled in the recovery room or if we were to change our mind or have something come up.  

Writting this post made me realize I need to get working on packing my "go" bag.  

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